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We're a network of Vermont Chefs, Farmers, Food Artisans, and Diners.

Partner Member

Network members understand that innovative partnerships between farmers, chefs, and consumers are an integral part of a strong food system in Vermont. Join VFN today and add your voice to our dedicated community of agricultural and culinary professionals.  

Membership Forms:

Click on your membership type:

  • Culinary - Includes restaurants, food co-ops, caterers, institutions, lodging with meals, food truck, culinary education, commercial kitchens, food service, other eateries. 
  • Farmer - Anyone producing primary ingredients, we have no minimum size. 
  • Food Producer - Specialty food makers, food processors using Vermont grown or raised ingredients. If your primary business is a farm, and you do light processing of some ingredients as a component of the farm, choose the "farmer" application.     
  • Distributors - Includes food hubs  

If you prefer snail mail, please contact and we will provide you with a printable copy. 

  • Member Interest Survey - Fill this out to note upcoming opportunities of interest to you and let us know of any projects you'd like to see happen. 

If you have any difficulty with these forms, please contact  or call 802-434-2000. 

For Renewing Members:

The renewal and new member applications are the same form this year. Over the years we've changed the information we use for our directories, marketing, and internal data management. . . which means that if our only information for you comes from an old form, we may be missing important details for your business (this is true for a lot of renewing members). So please take a look at this updated form. Note: If you leave the list of partners blank, our default is to assume they have not changed.  

Qualifications for Partner Membership:



  1. One (1) VFN Restaurant that you agree to sell to on a regular basis.
  2. Located in Vermont or within 30 miles of Vermont

Food Producers (Specialty Food Makers, Food Processors):

  1. Four (4) VFN Farmers that you purchase from on a regular basis.
  2. Use primarily local ingredients ("primarily" means >50% of ingredients - excluding water - measured by weight, volume, or value; "local" ingredients are grown or raised in Vermont or within 30 miles of Vermont)

Culinary Members:

  1. Four (4) VFN Farmers or Food Producers that you purchase from regularly.
  2. Minimum of 15%* of annual food purchases are Vermont grown or raised food (or within 30 miles of Vermont).**
  3. Menu contains Vermont products that represent (3) of the (6) USDA Food Groups year-round.
  4. Participation in local food and farm events at least once during the year (workshops, hosting special dinners, meeting with farmers, etc.) 

*Hospitals, institutions, and schools are required to meet a 10% threshold. 
**Businesses open less than a year report expenditures to date and resubmit at the end of their first year. 

If you will not meet these qualifications but would still like to be part of the Vermont Fresh Network and have access to professional development opportunities, consider a Supporting Membership. If you become a full Partner Member within a year, your Supporting Member payment will be applied towards paying full member dues. We recommend this option for prospective members with businesses that have not yet opened.  

Term of Membership:

Memberships last one year. Members have the option of paying on a recurring annual basis, but must still resubmit their information each year so that we know our directories are up to date and our purchasing information is accurate.     

What does VFN provide for your business?

Visit this page to see the most up to date Partner Member Benefits list. 

Thank you to Flavor Plate for donating their time and effort to the design and co-development of our website.