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We're a network of Vermont Chefs, Farmers, Food Artisans, and Diners.

Black Watch Farm


Farm/Food Artisan


Farm Stand/U-pick, Grassfed


Black Watch Farm's natural beef comes from animals born and raised on our Vermont farm. All animals are grown without hormonal implants or digestive stimulants and are all grass fed. They are finished on steamed corn the last forty five days. Beef is processed at a USDA facility and packaged in airtight cryovak containers for maximum freshness. Natural casings franks (no nitrates or nitrites added).


1233 Weathersfield Center Road
Weathersfield, VT 05156

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Phone: 802.263.5548
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Available Vermont Products

  • Eggs

    • eggs
  • Meat/Protein

    • grass fed beef

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