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We are a family owned and operated farm, located in Enosburg Falls Vermont across from the scenic Missisqoui River with a wonderful view of Jay Peak. Our family run farm was named after the Old Boston Post Stagecoach Road which runs straight through the farm property. Owned and operated by Robert and Gisele Gervais and their four daughters Anne, Theresa, Susan and Annette.

Our farm is home to 180 dairy goats and 90 dairy cows. We have some well established goats milk cheese, cow and goat milk blended cheese, and full cow's milk cheese.

We make several different cheeses from our fresh goat and cows milk:
Eleven Brothers, (goats milk) aged 4-6 months washed rind, rich buttery texture, with nutty undertones. Our highest award winning cheese, 2013 Gold medal winner. Available in 4 oz., & 8 oz.vacuum packed, or by the wheel

Tres Bonne, (goats milk) aged 2-3 months (french for Very Good) a tribute to our French Heritage, gouda style cheese mild & nutty. 2013 ACS Silver medal winner. Available in 6 oz. vacuum packed, or by the wheel

Smoking Goud, (goats milk), cob smoked Gouda Style aged 2-5 months, cob smoked 2013 ACS Silver medal winner. Available by full or half wheels

Gisele, (cow and goat milk blend), Named after our Mom. aged 3 months, swiss style finished with a spiced apple cider wash.

Bon Pere, (cow and goat milk blend), Named for our Dad, french for Good Father. 2013 Gold Medal @ Big E! aged 3-5 months. Available by full or half wheels

St. Vincent, (cow and goat milk blend), aged 3-6 months, Tomme style cheese, Wine washed rind. Leans toward sharp cheese. Available by full or half wheels

Our Chevre, light, fluffy with buttery undertones, is available in in Plain, Garlic & Herb, Onion Dill, Maple Cream, Salsa & Hot Nanny. Available in 8 oz or 5 lb tubs.

Feta, Salty, delightful flavor, with a rich aroma! available 6 oz. vacuum packed, 6 oz. in brine tub, & 3 lb tubs


2061 Sampsonville Road
Enosburg Falls, VT 05450

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Phone: 802.933.2749
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Available Vermont Products

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    • Beef
    • Eggs
    • Maple Syrup
    • Pork
    • Veal
  • Dairy

    • 7 lb Unsalted Chevre
      Frozen, Plain Unsalted Chevre; Perfect for Restaurants.
    • Bon Pere (french for Good Father)
      Named for our Dad. 2013 Gold Medal winner at the Big E. aged 2-5 months, Cow and goat milk blended cheese. Creamy, mild, nutty. Great flavor, Melts well
    • Cranberry Harvest Chevre | October - January
      Our special Holiday Cheese; Cranberries, Valencia oranges and Pure Vermont Maple syrup blended with our fresh chevre create this seasonal favorite.
    • Creamy Chocolate Chevre | January - February
      Chocolate cheese, the perfect Sweetheart cheese. Great on Vermont Cookie Buttons, with a raspberry!
    • Eleven Brothers (2013 ACS Gold medal winner)
      Our 2013 ACS Gold medal winner! Washed Rind, semi-hard, rich buttery texture, Parmesan notes, nutty undertones.
      This cheese was named after out Eleven brothers. We grew up in a family of 15, 4 girls and 11 boys. As anyone with boys knows it's a lot of work to raise them, the same goes for this special cheese; It's a lot of work, but oh so worth it in the end!!
    • Feta
      Salty, delightful flavor, with a rich aroma.
    • Fresh and Aged Goat Milk Cheese
    • Fresh Plain Chevre
      Our Chevre, made with our very own goats milk, has a very Fresh, light taste with buttery undertones.
    • Garlic & Herb Chevre
      One of our most popular flavors, with just the right blend of garlic, herbs & spices
    • Gisele (named after our Mom)
      Gisele is a cow and goat milk blended cheese. aged 3 months, flavor intensifies as it ages. Swiss style, finished with a Spiced Apple Cider wash. Amazing flavor, melts well.
    • Hot Nanny Chevre
      Here's your bite, we've blended just the right amount of Jalapeno and Red Chili Peppers to create this hot bite without hiding the flavor of the cheese.
    • Maple Cream Chevre
      We take our Very own Pure Vermont Maple Cream & Syrup, and blend it with our Fresh Chevre to create this perfect dessert cheese.
    • Onion & Dill Chevre | $5.99
    • Salsa Chevre | $5.99
      Mild Salsa and more tomatoes, create this fresh delight without the bite!!
    • Smoking Goud ( 2013 Silver ACS Winner )
      Our 2013 ACS Silver Medal award winner: Cob Smoked Gouda Style. aged 2-5 months, Cob smoked, creamy, mild, with a distinct cob smoked flavor!
    • St. Vincent
      Cow and goat milk blend, aged 3-6 months, Tomme style, wine washed rind. Flavor leans toward sharp.
    • Tres Bonne 2014 ACS Gold Medal (French for Very Good) | January
      2014 Gold ACS medal winner. 2013 Silver ACS medal winner. Tres Bonne is made from our pasturized goats milk, and aged for 2 - 3 months. The flavor is mild, and nutty.
      In keeping with our french heritage we named this cheese Tres Bonne! We hope you enjoy this cheese as much as we do!

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