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Boyden Valley Winery and Spirits


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Event Facilities, Farm Stand/U-pick


Our Vermont Mountain Winery is located in an ideal climate for producing high quality red wines, white wines and dessert wines. Boyden Valley Winery is part of a fourth generation farm producing, “Big Barn Red”, a bold red wine, elegant Vermont white wines, and “Vermont Ice”, the premier line of Vermont ice wines, hard cider, & cream liqueur. Whether you are looking for a balanced red wine for a casual dinner or an ice wine for a special occasion, we know you will enjoy our international award-winning wine.


64 VT Route 104
Cambridge, VT 05444

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Phone: 802.644.8151
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Available Vermont Products

  • Wine & Spirits

    • Ciders
      Made from Northern Spy, Empire, and McIntosh apples pressed at Brown Family Orchards, Castleton, Vermont.

      Vermont Ice Cider (sweet and still), Vermont Ice Hard Cider (dry and sparkling), Double Bourbon Cider (dry and sparkling aged in American oak and French oak barrels), Royale Cider(off-dry and sparkling made with organic black currants from the Farm Between) , Cranberry Cider (off-dry and sparkling made with Vermont Cranberry Company cranberries)
    • Fruit Wines
      Rhubarb, Cranberry, Blueberry, Vermont Maple Reserve (apple & maple), Cassis (dessert), Gold Leaf (dessert apple & maple)
    • Grape Wines
      Seyval Blanc, Cowtipper, Rose La JuJu, Big Barn Red, Riverbend Red, Glögg
    • Ice Wines
      Vermont Ice, Vermont Ice Red, Vermont Ice Cider
    • Spirits | $29.99
      Vermont Ice Apple Crème, Vermont Ice Maple Crème

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