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We're a network of Vermont Chefs, Farmers, Food Artisans, and Diners.

About Us

Who We Are

Vision: To build a flourishing Vermont food and farm economy

Mission: Advancing relationships among farmers, chefs, and consumers to grow markets and eat more locally grown food

The Vermont Fresh Network (VFN) is dedicated to a flourishing local food system for the benefit of our environment, our communities, our health and the overall strength of the rural economy. We approach this work through connections between farmers and chefs. Chefs, and other culinary professionals, play a key role in shaping our daily food lives and present unique market opportunities for Vermont food producers. We are the primary statewide organization representing this perspective in local food work.

We are a membership based organization and our members receive core benefits designed to support their work in making local food connections. Membership also means we have verified a buyer’s commitment to local purchasing as measured by their number of farm / restaurant partners, volume of local foods purchased, diversity of local products on the menu, and participation in community activities that support a stronger local food system. Our Gold Barn Chefs meet the highest standards and are in the top 25% of local food purchasers in our network.

VFN participates in collaborative projects to strengthen Vermont’s food system. We represent our members in policy discussions. We lead the DigInVT partnership - a group of nonprofit organizations that collaborate on agricultural and culinary tourism. The website we maintain,, is one of Vermont’s best guides to finding authentic food and farm experiences. It is also the platform for collaborative projects such as the popular Vermont Open Farm Week.

Throughout the year we host events and provide educational materials for both consumers and industry professionals. The goal is to facilitate buyer-seller relationships, place local purchasing within a larger environmental and rural community development context, and celebrate our chefs. Two popular publications are the public facing Fresh Feed e-newsletter, and the members only Fresh Insider.

Every year we also take on special programs and projects designed to strengthen different areas of the food system. Examples of recent projects include the local foods matchmakers, the FishOn! Program to support the health of Lake Champlain, and our Vermont wine market development initiative. 

For more information:

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